Soo Aviation Inc. started its operation at the Sault Ste Marie airport on May 11 2006.

Whether you are interested in becoming a pilot or just want to enjoy scenery of the beautiul
north from above, Soo Aviation Inc. is there for you.

For those interested in learning how to fly, we are offering the following courses:
If you would like just to experience the thrill of the flight with a pilot instructor by your side,
we are offering you:
1/2 hour Discovery flight for up to 3 persons* - $ 100 + HST Instructor pilot lets front
passenger fly the plane-(*subject to maximum weight)
Custom scenic flight - just tell us where you want to go and what you want to see
Your safety and well being is our TOP PRIORITY, we will spare no expense in
maintaining our aircraft to the highest standards in the industry.

We are striving to make your experience with Soo Aviation Inc. always a  pleasant one!

Welcome  to Soo Aviation Inc.- a premiere flight  school in Northern Ontario!
C-152 C-GUZW
Recreational Pilot Permit
Private Pilot Licence
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VFR Over the Top Rating
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Cessna 172 Weight & Balance Calculator
(Our Aircraft empty weight is 1458.47 lbs, Full fuel 40 GAL)
Cessna 152 Weight and balance calculator
(Our Aircraft empty weight is 1205 lbs, arm 30.11, Full fuel 24.5 GAL)